+ Just have come across with this Vfx plugin for Adobe® After Effects, and it seems quite promising to me. Formally speaking; Bump Mapper is visual effect plugin which can turn your image or video layer into bas-relief alighted by point light source and works with After Effects version 5.0 or higher. The Plugin parameter options offers lot of control over the desired effects and even playing with them leads to stunning visual effects. Its Developer says; “Glass or metal, plastic or stone, water or sand - you can simulate different textures and effects using Bump Mapper™ controls. You can use it to make a bronze coin or liquid gel or something unprecedented before. You can even start with simple picture. This product is a great addition to Adobe® After Effects®. This product has endless possibilities.”….We say; you better download a demo,..use your creative mind and find out yourself. One more thing plugin is not available for .MAC (Windows Only).
>> Download BumpMapper 4 AE