HairFX for 3ds Max 5.1 to 9.0

+ hairfx is an sophisticated fur and hair solution for Autodesk's® 3ds Max. Being the successor to the popluar Shag: Fur and Shag: Hair plug-ins, it's now much more evolved and offers various advanced tools including a new anti-aliasing engine to help produce smooth, non-jagged hair and fur strands, a new Cloth Mesh converter to support reactor® 2, clothfx, and SimCloth's. As part of the Autodesk Certified 3ds Max Plug-in program, hairfx now also offers bucket-based rendering support for rendering technologies including finalRender Stage-1 and VRay. This helps conserve memory over the default stripe size rendering for Scanline scenes with these powerful renderers. Composite shadows from light sources can easily generate hairfx shadows in addition to shadows specific to tools like V-Ray and finalRender.
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