News and Story - Particle Gen 1.0

The 3D Particle Generator For CG Professionals
- Crystal Pictures ParticleGen is a 3d particle effects generator. Company boast, ParticleGen is flexible and most advanced tool for the creation of multifaceted 3d particle effects in real-time. ParticleGen enables the realization of almost any desired visual effect, from explosions and fog to reflections in water.Beside using your own particle shapes which can be created with any conventinal image editing program, the software also allows you to import 3ds files, which you use as particles or animations. For Autodesk's Maya users, the pro version of ParticleGen enables users to import camera animation for compositing purposes. It will be in the stores on the 20th of December. The Professional (299 Euros) and the Personal Software Editions (99.99 Euros) both revolutionize the creation of digital content and effects. The sphere of applications ranges from film, video and TV productions to graphics design and publishing, image editing, compositing and web design. You'll find more info, examples of applications AND a free demo version at 

News and Story - Useful 3DS Max Plugin Mesh Foot

- Mesh Foot is a very handy 3DS Max plugin that allows you to seamlessly integrate exported .3DS or .OBJ mesh sequences into existing scenes without re-animating, re-boning, or re-skinning anything. This plugin is better than all other Poser to 3DS Max solutions because it allows you to take your completed animations directly into 3DS Max and start rendering immediately. Most standard Poser People look good enough from a distance that they can be used in architechtural visualizations with out any additional texturing.
Download 3ds Max plugin->> Mesh Foot !!