Japanese Graphic Magazine Idea-mag Special Feature on Wim Crouewel's Design

+ Japanese Graphic Design Magazine Idea-Mag has put together an interesting Special feature on; Dutch Graphic designer "Wim Crouewel" adventures into the experimental design worlds. This issue of Idea-mag has comprehensively covered creative endeavors of Wim Crouewel's by looking back into his representative design works; including book designs, posters, logotypes, stamps, typefaces and others. Infect Idea-mag has devoted its 190 pages to his design works, including two historical essay's by Wim Crouewel and some comments from important design figures are also featured.
Wim Crouwel was born in 1928 in Groningen, Netherlands, is a Dutch "graphic designer" and typographer. Wim Crouwel 1976 Number Postal Stamp 5ctHe is known for his posters and exhibition design for the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Crouwel has designed several font sets, of which the New Alphabet (1967) is best known. New Alphabet is a highly abstract font, based on a dot-matrix system.
Idea-mag issue 323