Schematic Material Editor 1.0 For 3DS MAX

+ Schematic Material Editor is very handy open source plugin/script for 3ds Max and is developed by Finland based young digital artist Jerry Ylilammi. With Schematic Material Editor, 3ds Max users can create very complex, animated and procedural materials n maps very easily. It is perfectly "safe" (doesn't corrupt your max files) and work well with 3ds Max 8 (32bit) and 3ds Max 9 (both 32 and 64bit). All max files and materials created with Schematic Material Editor work even without it installed.
Features Includes;
- Schematic/Node based material editor
- Customizable user interface
- Automatically arranges nodes in sensible way
- Hides all unnecessary submaterial/map slots
- Controls to easily hide/unhide nodes
- Ability to handle multiple schematic views
- Support for 3rd party material and maps
- Support for controllers (Color, Float, Script etc.)
- Advanced Math and Channel nodes for complex material and map setups
- Materials and maps are fully compatible with systems without Schematic Material Editor installed
- Scenes saved with Schematic Material Editor info can be opened even without it installed
- Material and maps are stored inside Schematic Material Editor so they aren't lost even if not present in Material Editor or Scene.
>> Download Schematic Material Editor (for Max 8/9)