3D Invigorator For After Effects

+ Lets have a look at 3D Invigorator; an innovative plugin by zaxwerks for Adobe After Effects, which is available in two versions - 3D Invigorator classic and 3D Invigorator Pro. The 3D Invigorator brings power of 3d to the host application Adobe After Effects, thus enabling AE user to create stunning titles and logos in Three dimension. The 3d Invigorator gives depth to After Effect layers and can generate nice sculpted 3D models with the press of a button. The Professional version of 3d invigorator have all the features of Classic version, beside that; the PRO version gives you the incredible ability to bring 3D models right into AE.
The PRO Version also cut short your rendering time by using the power of openGL enabled Graphics cards, especially when you import 3d elements into After Effects. The plugin support import from major 3d application like 3ds Max, Maya, DXF, lightwave3D etc.,and New Version 4.0 of 3d Invigorator have its own Import/Export Format for importing and exporting 3D objects. The new Invigorator object format enables you to set up 3D logos, titles and 3D text, color them, apply the materials, maps and object settings, and then save them into files which you can reuse, thus effectivly giving user its own custom library for future Invigorator projects. Beside giving its user power to incorporate 3d into a 2d pipeline, the plugin comes with many useful features, including;
- Simple 3D Primitives and 3D-Text
- 3D Motion Blur (a must have feature for motion Graphic artists)
- Layer Map Animation
- Highlight Mapping
- Cartoon and Matte Coloring
- Useful Shadow rendering
Although, I am not an After Effects artist (tried demo couple of times:) but; its makes perfect sense to me that incorporating 3d with-in a 2d application, with such a ease would really improve productiveness of any artist working in Motion Graphics Industry. So, I recommends you guys must download its demo and better check it out,.. if you haven’t already done that!
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