CG News Tid-Bits*

Animation Mentor® unveils its third Student Showcase today, as the sixth graduating class begins its first term at the online animation school. A six-minute compendium of student clips, the showcase demonstrates the quality of the work--and the learning experience--at Animation Mentor.
Luxology® LLC, an independent technology company developing next-generation 3D content creation software, today announced that Pixar Animation Studios and Luxology have finalized an agreement under which Pixar has licensed its Subdivision Surface Patents to Luxology.
Richard Rosenman has recently directed a new spot for Teletoon Canada.
damnfx is pleased to announce the delivery of 12 minutes of character animation and visual effects for Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure. The large-format, stereoscopic film from National Geographic, directed bySean MacLeod Phillips and produced by Jini Durr, Lisa Truitt and Jack Geist, opens today worldwide in a record number of IMAX, IMAX 3D, Real D and other specialty theaters.
Mr Furniture has announced Mental Ray Cabinet Design Collection. All the 3d furniture models possess ready to use Mental Ray Materials soyou can save time applying materials yourself.
The Making of Making of Al Pacino Sculpt by 3dm3 member Vikram from Chennai.
Matt Sibley takes us through setting up a camera to match a background image in 3dsmax.
Read CGchannel interview with very talented cgArtist Taron.
Read CGarchitect interview with very talented Digital Artist Tino Schaedler.
One more photoshop video tutorial about how to achive Sin City style looks.
Watch 2007 showreel of motion graphics and visual effects studio, Circus Family.
HP ToyRama animation Contest will end on 9th november 2007.
Our CGToolbar gets 100% Clean certificate by